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Ziv Gan-Or

Assistant Professor

Ziv has completed his MD and PhD (focused on Parkinson's disease genetics) at Tel-Aviv University, and his post-doctoral studies at McGill University. Assistant professor at the Neurology & Neurosurgery and the Human Genetics departments. Director of the Neurodegenerative Disorders Research Group at the Neuro.

Meron Teferra

Lab manager

Meron completed her BA in psychology and political science at McGill University, and her MSc in health psychology at the University of Bath, UK. Meron is the administrative lab manager.

Konstantin Senkevich

Post Doctoral fellow

Konstantin is a neurologist who completed his MD at the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg and his PhD at the Institute of Experimental Medicine in St. Petersburg. He is studying the role of lysosomal genes in RBD and PD.

Jace Jones-Tabah

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jace has completed his PhD at McGill University, in the department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. In his postdoctoral fellowship, Jace is studying neuronal cell models from patients with Parkinson's disease, with a focus on the mechanisms of several lysosomal-related genes.

Eric Yu.png
Eric Yu

PhD Student

Eric has completed his undergraduate studies in McGill University, where he majored in biochemistry. His project is focused on using bioinformatic and machine learning approaches to understand the genetics of PD and RBD.

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Yuri Sosero

PhD student

Yuri has completed his MD at the University of Bologna, School of Medicine and Surgery. He is studying the role of genetics in PD and specifically focuses on modifiers of GBA in PD.

Prabhjyot Saini

PhD student

Prabhjyot has completed his MSc in Emory University and served as a Senior Associate at the Department of Neurology in Emory University. He is using advanced statistical methods to study the genetics of RBD and PD.

Emma Somerville

PhD student

Emma graduated at the University of Western Ontario with Honours BSc in Genetics and Psychology. She is studying how variants affect glucocerebrosidase activity and other potential PD biomarkers. She is also studying the genetics of REM sleep behavior disorder.

Lang Liu

PhD student

Lang completed his BA in cell and systems biology, statistics and mathematics in the University of Toronto. He completed his MSc in biomedical informatics in the Department of Computing, Queens University. His projects are focused on bioinformatic and machine learning approaches using genetics and brain imaging in PD.

Leah photo.jpg
Leah Chifamba

PhD student

Leah graduated from Stellenbosch University (South Africa) with a MSc in human genetics. Her research is focused on the genetics of dementia and neuropsychiatric disorders in neurodegenerative diseases.

Jamil Ahmad

Research Assistant

Jamil has completed his PhD in Pakistan and his postdoctoral studies in Lyon, France. His research was focused on cancer genomics and neurological diseases. He works on the genetics of PD, RBD, RLS and HSP.

Farnaz Asayesh

Lab technician

Farnaz completed her MSc in chemistry in Laval University. She is using various genetic methods to study Parkinson's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, multiple system atrophy and REM sleep behavior disorder.

Cem Parlar

Research assistant

Cem completed his B.Sc. with Neuroscience Major at McGill University. He is working as a research assistant focused on GBA and other genes involved in PD

Angie Giannakopoulos

Administrative assistant

Jennifer Ruskey

Research Assistant

Hall of famer

Jennifer has graduated at Princeton University, and performed her MSc studies at the University of British Columbia in evolutionary biology. She worked on the genetics of PD, RBD, RLS and HSP. Currently doing her MD at McGill University, she was the first person in the lab and had a huge impact on building and developing the lab.

Past trainees

Graduate students

Vlad Rudakou

Vlad completed his MSc in our lab, with a thesis focused on identifying common and rare variants in genes involved in Parkinson's disease. He went on to med school in Toronto University.

Khair photo.jpg
Khair Mufti

Khair completed his MSc in our lab, with a thesis focused on the role of PD-related genes in REM sleep behavior disorder. He went on to doing a PhD in pharmacogenomics in University of British Columbia

Lynne Krohn

Dr. Lynne Krohn completed her PhD on the genetics of REM sleep behavior disorder. She moved on to work as a genomics scientist in Alnylam, a pharmaceutical company located in Cambridge.

Photo Mehrdad.jpg
Mehrdad Asghari Estiar

Dr. Mehrdad Estiar completed his PhD in our lab with a thesis focused on the genetics of hereditary spastic paraplegia. He went on to do a postdoctoral fellowship at the Broad Institute.

Undergraduate students and visiting scholars

Victoria Mallett
Noreen Mohsin
Leanne Ronciere
Richard Wu
Jiao Li
Denny Choi
Catie Headshot.jpg
Catie Futhey
Armaghan (Army) Alam
Kathryn Freeman
Etienne Leveille
Elizabeth Bader
Charlise Chen
Aliza Dworkind
Meygan photo.jpg
Meygan Brody
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